Happy Trails – Heading South for the Winter! (Coral Sands RV Review)


Happy Trails - Heading South for the Winter! (Coral Sands RV Review)

It is always exciting for those of us that live in a state with cold and snow during the winter season, to head down south. Sometimes it is also bitter sweet. What I mean is that we had scheduled to camp at Coral Sands RV Park for 5 days so that we could explore this beautiful side of the state of Florida. Hurricane Matthew initially changed our plans for us, what we did not expect was to get a call stating that the park was back open.

coral-springs-a1aWe decided to keep our original plans and headed to our destination. We were not sure what to expect, as we are Michiganders and have never experienced a hurricane in even the remotest sense.

The first thing we noticed as we drove the detours through this coastal town, was the silence. It was eerie, and we quietly drove by pounds of branches, uprooted trees and debris which was neatly set out at most residences.

coral-springs-residential-betterMy mind immediately went to ways I could help out or pitch in, however, it seemed this place and its people had everything under control. So went our arrival at our RV park, quiet and uneventful. This beautiful little slice of heaven may have been hit hard by Matthew, but the signs were minimal and the people were up beat and cheerful.

coral-springs-repairsEven with no amenities (I sit in a Starbucks writing this) I am glad to help the local economy if only by my money for time spent here. The private beach is strewn with debris and we plan to help with the clean up, not only to help but for our own selfish reasons, to enjoy the beach.

coral-springs-too-closeEven though the spots are Very small, this park is worth a visit, as its proximity to the ocean is amazing, and every spot is within a minutes walk to the beach. The area itself is lovely with many a great restaurant or bar.




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