Top 10 DIY Halloween Decorations!

Love Halloween? Then you will love these super easy, high impact do-it-yourself Halloween decorations. Whether the decorating is inside or out, at least one of these will do the trick! Our featured picture above is Number One, a fun and super easy way to make that entrance into a hauntingly good time. Just artfully drape white cheese cloth from the porch roof, or a door entrance. Just secure with double sided tape.


Number Two: Have stairs? We just LOVE these creepy mouse cut-outs places on the risers. Get your Free mouse template from Martha Stewart


Number Three: Dress up that hall chair with super simple felt bat cut outs. Tack to a fun pillow then continue up the wall.


Number Four: Having a party is so much more fun with black solo cups adorned with googly eyes!


Number Five:  So simple for such a high impact! Take a standard white candle and insert a few black nails into it, then take a red candlestick and drip red wax (blood) over the white for a spooky effect.


Number Six: Stir up your Halloween party with these construction paper bottle hats and stirrers made to look like brooms with construction paper.


Number Seven: Felt bats make a dramatic effect on just about any room, including the front door.


Number Eight: Styrofoam heads plus white cheese cloth equals big Halloween fun!


Number Nine:  Easy and Cheap, these glittery pumpkins look amazing on a stoop or a mantle.


Number Ten: Make virtually any shape, pumpkins, witches, or bats and place inside a lamp shade for a ghoulish glow!



Sources: Country Living \ HGTV \ Listotic

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