Morning Energy Drink? Love Matcha!

Up your energy levels with a coffee substitute that will get you going, and the benefits of Matcha are endless. It will help one burn off those calories and is a superlative detoxifier. It is loaded with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. It will not only regulate the hormones but is said to put the drinker in a better mood!

16 oz Silk Coconut Milk / 4 oz Silk Almond Creamer / 1 tbsp matcha powder / 1 tsp coconut oil / 4-5 drops organic vanilla extract / ½ tsp cinnamon powder / Pinch sea salt / 5 ice cubes / Ice cubes, to serve
Add all the ingredients (including the ice cubes) into a blender, and pulse until frothy.
Add ice cubes into the serving glasses, pour evenly the matcha milk and enjoy!
Sources: Hello Glow

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