KC’s Bookshelf – Food, Fun, and Travel, but do I Really Cook These Recipes? (Satire)

KC's Bookshelf - Food, Fun, and Travel, but do I Really Cook These Recipes? (Satire)

I post a lot of recipes on KC’s Bookshelf, and have been asked if I actually cook them, and the answer is yes. If one notices the bottom of the posts, there is either a source or just my name. The ones with just my name are my trial and error recipes, and it should be obvious by the lack of quality photo’s, that this is an amateurs try at food blogging.

The ones with a source listed are either recipes that others have had me try, or I have tried myself. Being a full time RV’r my kitchen space is limited, so those 5 layer cakes, and 2 hour prep times are usually done in an actual sticks and bricks home. For these recipes I will ‘steal’ (not literally) the photo from the internet, as they are much more beautiful than mine.

MyzucchinipieFor example, a recent post for a zucchini corn pie was posted with the above-featured picture. My attempt at this recipe was much smaller and in no way resembled the photo, however, it was delicious and there fore made the cut when it came to posting delicious healthy recipes. (my zucchini pie photo right: note that I do not have a round pan so I made a  half recipe using two lovely tin pans.)

So yes, I do cook and bake in my RV, but the results are just not as artistic as the ones others make, so in an effort to promote healthy cooking I put my best foot forward and use the ‘pretty pictures’.



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