How to Spot a Full Time RV’r (Satire)

How to Spot a Full Time RV'r (Satire)

Being a full-time RV’r for over a year now has brought with it many realizations, and some of those thoughts brought to me these fun facts on how to spot a full timer. As we have traveled, I have gone through some varying degrees of jealousy over what other travelers have with them…………then it dawns on me……….their on vacation, not living full time in their RV. (The featured photo here is of our fully loaded and used home, definitely not a vacation home)

If a campsite has only wood stacked under their RV, then…………they are probably on vacation! In the case of this particular RV, they are what is considered ‘Part-Timers’ , as their camper stays on sight all summer and they come and go.


If a campsite has swings, sheds, and covered storage, then…………..they are probably on vacation! This little storage shed, that breaks down and is basically a storage tent, really got my “gotta haves” going. Then I thought, where the heck would I put it? As a full timer, every inch of space is accounted for.



If a campsite has flowers and only decorative foliage, and not a vegetable plant in sight, then……..they are probably on vacation! This is also a ‘part-timers’ site, as most vacationers do not bring a swing with them lol.


So as we travel, we have run into part-timers, full-timers, and vacationers, and our current spot in Clyde Township Michigan has all three. Traveling the east coast from the Florida Keys to Michigan has been an adventure and also a study in patience. This lifestyle is not even remotely like living in a stix and bricks home, but it is worth it, and every day is an adventure. In closing, I will leave you with something we have an abundance of in our campsite, and it amuses me to no end.

Ladies and Gentlemen………….I present to you…………..the Golf Cart Condom! (lol, just kidding, it is functional, however, no one EVER takes them off, they just roll up the doors and roll…..





One thought on “How to Spot a Full Time RV’r (Satire)

  1. Haha! Oh my goodness, I’ve been looking at all of your yummy recipes and then I saw this post!!! I didn’t know you were a full time rv’er, too! Kudos!

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