Surviving Financially Living in an RV Full-Time (Satire)

Going through this first year of living in an RV full-time, has been an exciting experience, however being a writer does not pay the bills, so how to survive financially? I have found that supplementing our income is not as hard as I once thought. Writing and social media help, but does not even cover our lot rent. In an effort to stay mobile, I knew I would have to look outside the RV park.

In Key Largo I got a job in a chocolate factory, it was fun and interesting, and I learned a lot about chocolate, fudge and even ice cream making. What I did NOT learn was how to run a business, as this place needed management in a big way. Soooo on to job number two!

My second job was at a local restaurant, as a hostess and this is where I felt comfortable. It had great management, great staff, and great food.

The beauty of these two part time jobs (I only worked 3 days a week) is that telling potential employers that one is a writer and cannot work weekends, did not hurt my chances of actually getting the job. Who knew!? This limited amount of work outside of the RV allowed us to take 2 months to leisurely travel from the Keys to our home base in Michigan.

Subway-subway-everywhereNow Michigan is a whole nother ball game as far as jobs are concerned. We are in a very rural part of the state and I was so worried about finding a decent job, and one that would want someone my age for just a few days a week. Turns out a big gas station chain that is just 4 minutes from us needed someone to work at their subway shop two nights a week, and they did not have an issue with my ‘no weekends’ clause.

I am free to do my own work 5 days a week and can make a super sub!! So as much as I would like to work solely from home, stepping outside my comfort zone has brought us even greater freedom.


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