Life as a Full-Time RV’r (Satire)

Life as a Full-Time RV'r (Satire)

So with one full year under our belts as full-time RV’rs, it is time to reflect on where we have been and how we survived. Living in a small space can be a challenge, but it can also be one of the most freeing of feelings that one will ever have.

Is it always easy? Nope, but the challenges are eclipsed by the struggles we used to have maintaining an S & B (sticks and bricks) home. No lawn mowers, no snow shovels, no worries……well almost no worries. As with any home, one must maintain it inside and out, however, with small spaces comes smaller issues. There is no roof to re-shingle, and no gutters to clean, but we like to keep it classy, so we wash our girl regularly.

We opted out of having a ladder installed, thinking, who needs it? Well, turns out WE do! It is a struggle to wash and seal the roof without it, but fortunately for us, we have an abundance of grown children we can send up to help us out.

DollarSFlipFlopsNo more trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’…….or so I thought. I am constantly finding interesting and unusual things that others have in, on, or around their RV’s. I have so far, found ways to make these things on my own, and on a budget, such as the flip flop wreath below.

That being said, one couple had the most interesting light hanging from their awning and I just had to have one. Turned out, it is called a puzzle light, and was not the cheapest thing I have bought since full timing began. The company wanted 15 bucks to ship it assembled……….ummm, no! I am clever and figured “how hard could it be?”.


Well here are the directions! Yikes

Puzzle ball directions!

After a frustrating 2 hours, I gave in and turned to my old friend YouTube. Thank goodness there was a need for this type of project and I soon found a great video and Voila!

Puzzle ball

I picked the champagne ball (there are soooo many colors and patterns) and once lit, it exceeded my expectations!!!

Puzzle ball lit

As you can see by checking out the map above, we are East Coasters………not bad for our first year eh? We take one week to get out of dodge (Michigan our Summer home) to get to our winter home in Key Largo. On our way back up north, after winter is over, we take 2 months to travel leisurely back home. If one is very observant, you would have noticed that Alaska is also shown as a state that we have traveled to. Well, we did, however, not in our RV, but camping and a tent was involved. We went to visit our daughter, and our grandson had a camping themed birthday, and since we will never have the opportunity (or the money) to go back, an executive decision was made to apply the Alaska sticker to our travel map.

GardenPacking up and traveling has become easier the more we do it. Yes, we have to do without some things, and yes, some of the things we love are now super-downsized. Take for example our ‘garden’. We now have a container garden, which boasts a hanging basket of cherry yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, and a pineapple that was started down in Key Largo.

Other Random things I have learned over this past year, include……over air TV is not the greatest……Canada has limited transaction debit cards (I found this odd, saw it on one of my Canadian TV channels) …….. You cannot learn spanish by watching spanish TV. (Also learned from watching over the air TV) ……….You CAN leave gray tanks open but NEVER black tanks……… You need to keep your lines clean by using baking soda and vinegar, and then using bleach in your tanks on ‘traveling’ days to slosh around and really clean those tanks.


Using everything we learned, we have mastered the art of packing and prepping the night before we travel, and even find time to enjoy our last evenings in whatever place we hung our hat for the day.

RV and Truck packed up

In summary, deciding to travel and leaving behind the trappings of the traditional home has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.


Happy Travels Everyone



4 thoughts on “Life as a Full-Time RV’r (Satire)

  1. Love reading about your year in the RV world. Not sure if we will every “full time” in ours, but it is so much fun to hear about others. I am also going to be sure and check out that “baking soda and vinegar” in the lines thing you spoke about. I knew about the bleach in the tank, but not sure I have heard anything about the baking soda trick. Keep up the good work, and keep us informed with your blog. I for one love to read about your adventures. 🙂

  2. So glad you are having a great time RVing. That zucchini cake sure looks delicious. Hope your summer is a good one. The weather seems good here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering through fires and floods. Northern NY is beautiful in the fall. Come park with us for a few days.

    1. Hi Joanne,
      We LOVED NY and hope to visit again…..would love to visit you guys! Thanks for following our adventures. P.S. the zucchini cake is Delish!

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