Dollar Store Do Overs – Hacks!

Living full time in an RV or even a tiny house, poses all kinds of problems, from storage to decoration, but these dollar store do-overs might just get your creative juices flowing.

First up, like the featured image here, let’s look at decorations. Like most people I like things to look nice, and the outside of an RV is a challenge. Sure one can have flowers, and rugs, and even lawn art, however, the actual RV is another challenge altogether. Not wanting to damage the surface of the RV itself, I saw a wreath in our travels that I thought would be an amazing addition to our outdoor decor.

Dollar Store Flip Flops and Flowers adds a nice pop of color to the front area. (With a command hook to hold it up)


Staying outside, sometimes the best hacks are not for decoration, but for convenience. We took a dollar store paper towel holder and mounted it outside in one of the storage compartments. Now when hubby needs paper towel, there is no yelling for me to bring some. This is great for garages, workshops etc…


Now with an eye towards storage, I have found that what a product is intended for is not necessarily what it needs to be used for. In the photo below, two of the items have been used differently than their original intent. In the back is a dish type rack, turned on its side to now hold a number of items in our hard to use, corner storage. In the foreground is a paper plate and utensil picnic type basket, which now holds beautifully all my hair care products.


Sometimes the things one finds at the dollar store are exactly right just as they are intended.


So the next time your at the dollar store, look beyond what the product is intended for and let your mind run free to come up with your own dollar store do-overs!




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