Super Summer Watermelon Blast! -Cocktails That Won’t Pack on the Lbs!

When it’s time to let loose this summer, make a glass, or even a pitcher of this simply sweet watermelon blast! Sometimes a cocktail is all one needs to unwind!

2 Oz of Tequila | Watermelon | Jalapeno thinly sliced | .5 Oz Lime juice

Super Easy Recipe. Take your watermelon and cube, place appropriate amount (for one glass or one pitcher) in a blender and turn it into juice. Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker, give a quick shake, and strain over ice.

This can also be made by the pitcherful. If you do that, just remember the longer jalapeños sit in a drink, the hotter the drink gets. Don’t worry though, once you make this you will be wondering ‘ Where’d it all go?’

You can also use a whole watermelon and throw everything into a blender with some ice to make it frozen. Don’t add the jalapeños until after everything is well blended.


Sources: The Paleo Chef


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