Fort Trodd Family RV Resort – Review

Travelling the East Coast this first year has been at times amazing and at times, not so much…..we now find ourselves at our home base for the summer….Fort Trodd in Clyde Township Michigan. The park is secure and entry is only allowed to those with a key card, this is at once good and bad. The good… is secure and we feel safe….the bad….visitors must be picked up from the front gate, or they can walk to your campground.

The lots are spacious and the park itself is clean and very inviting. This is our lot from the street.


This is our lot from the back, and we are very happy to have our own a fire pit. (We haven’t had one since we left Michigan in November)



We are fortunate to have a waterfront lot, although admittedly, it is a man-made lake, but we are thrilled to look out of our windows and see grass and trees and water, instead of other campers. The first picture below is what we see to the left of us.


This next photo is what we see to the right. The little island houses 2 small cabins which are for rent, and it is a very quaint way to spend a weekend for those on vacation.


The parks amenities are very nice, as the water is segregated into 3 sections, a large beach, a small beach and catch and release fishing in between the two. Wifi is available, but like most parks it is not consistent, or something we can rely on, unfortunately. That being said, the owners are very in tune to the short comings of the wifi, and continue to work on it, and they even invite campers to come up front to work in the office, where the wifi is more reliable. There is a recreation center, bath houses, laundry and playgrounds for the kids here also.

School is still in session as of this writing, so we shall see what the summer has to bring, as most of the campers here are empty during the week, and the people who own them seem to come during the weekends. Will we be overloaded with kids and families? We don’t know, but we are sure that our little piece of heaven will be a comfortable haven during these summer months.



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