Taking the Blah Out of a Beige and Brown RV Interior!

Tiny houses, such as RV’s can leave one in a sea of beige and brown, and that is just not acceptable for some, and it takes creativity to take out the blah! In previous articles I had shown how some easy fixs added a little color to the interior of the RV, such as throw pillows, and painting tables.

This time, I took a bigger plunge and that was to re-do all the curtains in the RV. The standard issue is brown, with Velcro on top and the bottoms hook onto these wonderful plastic clips. The clips not only are sub-standard and break, but also interfere with the closing of the shads. HATE them, but I did not want to spend ANY money other than the cost of the material.

Here are the bane of my existence, the little buggers that break and are continually in the way.



So here is the living room before (and my cute orange pillows and pink doggie bed lol)


The wonderful side windows near the couch! 


The dining room before!


Now my husband continually surprises me with some of his design choices, so keeping a short leash on him during the fabric picking session was important. He is not big on color, but to make me happy he kept an open mind. His initial selection blew me away…….it was a Hawaiian shirt print, with palm trees and all. LOL…….NO ! So below is what we settled on, and I am one happy camper.

Living Room AFTER (Keeping the plastic the same, my daughter came up with the swag look on the two side windows, and I love it)


The Living room by our chairs


Dining Room After (I decided I wanted floor to ceiling curtains in the dining area and I am so glad I did, it makes a huge difference)


Now what we did about those plastic hooks was to cut off the hooked end, paint them lime green, and re-mount them backwards so I have the option of  pulling the curtains back.


I prefer them straight, but the hooks are out of the way, and what girl doesn’t like options! 


Happy Travels All!


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