RV’ing on a Military Base – It is Not What You Think!

RV'ing on a Military Base - It is Not What You Think!

Being full time RV’rs we are want to experience everything the open road has to offer, and admittedly, not everyone can camp on a military base. We however, are fortunate enough to have a Son-in-Law that is serving our great country, and visiting him, our daughter, and three wonderful grandchildren is something we just can’t pass up.

In the past we have upset the apple cart by making our grandchildren share a room so that we could stay in the house with them. There is nothing better than waking up with a child in your face! This year, we have our home with us always, so we decided to stay on base, at their campground! That’s right, a campground on a military base is only one of the perks of military life.

This is a view of the RV park from up the hill at a simulated container village used for training.


The park has few amenities, yet the only important one to us, is that we are near our daughter and family. Exploring a military base is always exciting, and has more than one might think.

This is the container village that the kids and us explored at length……it was fun, and something that we do not normally get to see. This is our view from our RV below.


Once up close, it was an exciting adventure for not only the kids but us old folks too!




Life on an Army base is a lot like living in a medium size town in any city USA! Most of the bases have all the things you would probably find in your town.

Grocery Stores and More!


And I DO mean more!

FD PX Plus sign

There are full neighborhoods, and they are just a bit different from any town USA, these neighborhoods are divided into singles living and family homes. The singles are housed in apartments, as are retired veterans should they choose to stay on base.


This could be a street in just about any town, and is where they house the families here on base.


This is our Daughters house!


One of the things our grandson likes to do, is to be independent, and he is at the age where he can have a little freedom. One of those privileges includes riding his bike to the library.

This library is nicer that the one near my home growing up!


Next to the library? What else? A work out center!


One thing here that is greatly different than any other RV park is the fact that the people are not here to hang out in the park and make friends. We are all here for very specific reasons………..to visit loved ones, and that is OK with me. The other difference is the sense of pride and the blatant displays of patriotism and love of country, it makes you feel good to just be here.

So here we sit, watching huge helicopters and transport planes, looking forward to each day, and the next leg in our RV’ing adventure.



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