Myrtle Beach S.C – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Satire)

Myrtle Beach S.C. - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Satire)

Making our way up the east coast, we find ourselves staying for a week in the beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. Loving the huge, beachfront property of the Ocean Lakes Family Resort, (Review Here) there are still a few things that we, as full time RV’rs have found a bit frustrating.

The GOOD: The Resort we are in boasts such amenities as curbside garbage service, which is extremely rare, and just about anything one might need while staying here, if one is willing to pay the over-inflated prices. A restaurant, of sorts, and a convenience store are on site, as is a RV service center.

The area around our park is full of amazing places to see, it just depends on what you are into. First up is a motorcycle bar, with a silly and suggestive name.


It was an interesting place, and as bikers, we appreciate a good old fashioned biker bar.


There is a boardwalk with rides, and restaurants, and one of the largest Ferris wheels I have ever seen. The featured photo above is an amazing view of the beach with the Ferris Wheel.

For those with discerning television viewing tastes, one can check out Myrtle Manor, a little show surrounding the lives of people in a trailer park. We found it very funny, and were excited to see the ‘actual’ Myrtle Manor’. lol


If you have never seen or heard of the show, allow me to introduce you to the cast! lol


Now that my obsession with this show is known, here is a picture of when they hired security for the park…..Marvin…..and this is his wonderful redneck way of putting up security cameras!


THE BAD: People are all over the place racing around in golf carts, while cars and trucks must adhere to a 10 mph speed limit. In a park this size, there is A LOT of traffic. There is one thing however, that is not allowed into the park…….Motorcycles! One must park their motorcycle at the front of the park, the pic of the map, shows where we came in (near the motorcycle parking) and where our RV is! (small circle next to the large X)~Sigh~ This is just the beginning of a short list of frustrations for semi-retired us.

Park map

The UGLY: Ok, LOVE the ocean, but I do have a very healthy appreciation of the fact that it is home to some pretty scary creatures. The time we spend on the beach is usually walking, however, one blistering hot afternoon, I ventured into the waves up to my calves. It was so refreshing……Then we continued our walk, and as we returned the tide was going out, and that is when I got a nasty surprise!



These definitely put the ‘ugly’ in our trip! Those ‘bumps’ are jelly fish, and in case your wondering, I DID pick up that Red Solo Cup, that everyone else just walked past.


Jokes aside, this is a beautiful area of the country and we would highly recommend a visit to Myrtle Beach…..just don’t swim in the ocean. lol


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