Ocean Lakes Family Campground – Myrtle Beach SC – Review

Ocean Lakes Family Campground - Myrtle Beach - Review

Ocean Lakes Campground is quite a site to see, with hundreds of permanent homes and hundreds of transient sites for campers, it is one large park. The only way to take it all in, is to rent a golf cart, so that one can explore some of the more interesting aspects of this campground. First lets look at all the amazing aspects of this park, such as its proximity to an amazing beach front. A dune hides this pristine beach from the park itself but once you pass through the pathway, and there are several throughout the park, visitors will be delighted with this breathtaking view of the ocean.


Waking up early to sit on this beautiful beach to watch the sun rise is worth loosing sleep over.


The park itself has a lot of character, and riding through the streets one is delighted to find a number of high rise rental homes.


Not only do the homes have character, but the campers do also. This delightful Shasta was the hit of the park, and its owners were as gracious and delightful as their camper.


The character comes in many forms, most of which are in the privately owned homes, of which many are rentals also. Beach living brings out the designers in these quaint homes…….From the beach bum look…….


………To the delightful swings found under many of the stilt homes.

outdoor swing

Some of the RV’s here, have been converted into full time dwellings, many of which are hard to tell that they were once homes with wheels, others……readily obvious!


Some of the homes just have that welcoming feeling, like walking into ones favorite neighborhood pub! lol


The beach, of course, is the biggest amenity, but along with that this park has many strategically places showers and rest rooms, snack centers, and even an onsite RV service center. As in many parks this one has a pool, however, like the campground itself, the pool is huge.


Getting those kiddies to the pool will be no easy feat, as one has to pass through the arcade game room to get there!

game room

Next to one end of the pool is a miniature golf course, and the other end is a not yet opened water park. Ocean Lakes is definitely a family friendly place to take a vacation.


Basketball courts


Even an elevated skate park can be found on the grounds.


In a park this large there are a few downsides, such as sketchy wifi, and tons of traffic. The lots are a decent size, however it is virtually impossible to get into one during prime season. With families comes noises, from dogs barking to kids ……. well being kids, but everyone here has been delightful, from the campers to those that work here, our journey has been completely drama free, and smiles are one of the things worn most frequently around here.



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