Red Gate RV Park – Savannah Georgia – Review

Red Gate RV Park - Savannah GA - Review

Georgia is a beautiful state and there is so much to see and experience, and that includes a charming little RV Park called Red Gate. It is set on acres of groomed land, and the park itself is an experience. It has everything from the standard club house and pool, to one of a kind parks and piers and a wonderful catch and release fishing hole!

They offer wedding services with a beautiful pergola with softly flowing white silk from floor to ceiling to frame the happy couple.

The park itself only houses 20 RV’s at one time, so the atmosphere is peaceful and the lots are generous. Picnic tables and fire-pits at each lot is a definite perk for some, us included. This is our rig right after pulling in and beginning to set up.

Red Gate RV Park

Aside from the fact that we are not at or on the water, this is a beautiful park and we are enjoying it a lot. This is the view from the back our TT, and what I am looking at as I write this. Not to shabby, right?!

Red Gate RV Park

The above featured photo is our view as we sit outside facing the front of the RV. It is as peaceful as it looks, and although we have not met any of the other travelers here as of yet, this is quickly becoming one of our favorite places. Now on to the parks amenities itself. It is full of white picket fences and red barn buildings. This is the club house which has a beautiful patio with a view of the lake.

Red Gate RV Park

This is ‘Martins Pier’ which is where one could fish if so inclined. It also has a duck feeder, and boy do those ducks know the sound of that knob being twisted, they come a running, lol.

Red Gate RV Park

You can see the feeder in this pic!

Red Gate RV Park

The little park next to the lake is softly sloped and the swings in the top right corner of this pic, are adorable and a wonderful place to swing and watch the ducks, and fish, and yes, turtles.

Red Gate RV Park

While walking the grounds we found some beautiful old mossy trees that just add to the ambiance.

Red Gate RV Park

The pool area has a nice pergola with chairs underneath for those (Like me) that try to stay out of the sun. It is fenced in and very serene.

Red Gate RV Park

This property also has a small farm on it, and one can meet the friendliest of animals here. Our dog just LOVED the goats for some reason, and she just didn’t want to leave. lol

Red Gate RV park

There are horses on the property also, so majestic and beautiful. One can also go horseback riding here!

Red Gate RV Park

Lastly, on our tour of the grounds we found chickens, and not just your average looking chickens, this one was just so crazy looking that it is fantastic!

Red Gate RV Park

In closing, this park is a wonderful little diamond just outside of downtown Savannah, and definitely worth checking out. It has been one of the best parks on our journey between Michigan and Florida so far.






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