Clearwater RV Travel Resort – Review

Clearwater RV Travel Resort - Review

In an effort to remember the good and the bad of our travels, reviews of the parks will now become a part of this blog. Clearwater Travel Resort is a beautiful and well maintained park. It is like living in a tiny house nation, as those that have chosen to live here full time, really do an amazing job of converting their RV’s into ‘homes.’

Here are a couple of the absolute cutest tiny houses!

CW Tiny house

They almost make one forget that these homes started off their life as RV’s.

CW tiny homes

Along with the permanent structures, there are a large number of lots for those that still have wheels on their homes. Even some of these are adorable!

CW tiny trailer

The park is dog friendly…….at least half of it is, which is odd to us, and sometimes frustrating. The park supplies a community fire pit, complete with wood to burn. This is an amazing perk, however, dogs are not allowed in the area of the fire pit, which is a down side for us.

CW fire pit

Other amenities in the park include, shuffle board courts, horse shoes, playgrounds, a dog park, a community center that always has something going on for the residents, and lastly a built in pool. The pool is beautiful, however it is a bit warm for some, as the temperature of the pool is generally much warmer than the air.

CW pool

Sometimes just the natural beauty of the area can enhance the experience of staying in a RV resort. Meet Pete the Peacock! lol

CW peacock

The park is close to everything and surrounded by water, which is deceiving, as public access is limited.  Clearwater Beach proper, is beautiful and one of the only places one can go to actually view the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by high rise hotels, and hundreds of cabana services makes this amazing beach just a little too commercial for some folks.

CW Clearwater beach

If one is adventurous, then go out and check out the surrounding communities. Although the park is a little different than what we are used to, we have adapted and even met some amazing people. Leaving our small community has greatly enhanced our time here,  and although it took several weeks, we found an amazing beach bar…..Caddys! Free beach chairs with your cocktails! Yes Please!

CW Caddys on the beach

All in all, Clearwater RV Trailer Resort is a beautiful spot, and the community within the park has much going for it. Although it is not our taste, (we like to bike ride, see the sunset on the water, and many other things) it IS worth stopping at.


One thought on “Clearwater RV Travel Resort – Review

  1. Liked your review of CTR. Enjoyed your company and wish you would come back. Where is Caddy’s? I want to go.

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