Confessions of a Full Time RV’r! 5 Things I Have Leaned so far (Satire)

Confessions of a Full Time RV'r! 5 Things I've Learned so far (satire)

Being a seasoned full time RV’r has given me some life lessons that only those that choose to live in small spaces can appreciate! Yes, a full year has passed since we moved into our 38 foot North Trail, does this make me an expert? NO, lol, I am using the term seasoned lightly, very lightly! It does however, give me the ability to give first hand glimpses into the glamorous world of living and travelling in an RV.

ONE: I have learned that I cannot live without my awning out, and I mean it is open 24/7. This is no easy feat as each campground we are in, we face different directions, and the wind can be un-predictable. Our first few months we had that awning going in and out more than anything, and I knew I had to find a way to keep it stable. First stop, anchors!

The anchors are super simple and attach easily to the top, no tools required.


Large sturdy ground stakes!


Adjustments in the middle. Having to use tape to keep it from sliding was totally worth it!


TWO: Never underestimate the virtues of things made just for RV’s! I have spent the last year trying to figure out storage, decorating, and re-learning how to just live life in a small space. Going back outside to the awning, I have tried Everything to block wind, sun and just the elements in general. Being a smart cookie, I found these screens for garage doors that were less than a 1/4 of the cost of an actual RV screen. Bought two and fought with them for four months before I broke down and bought an actual RV outdoor awning screen.

Before: Can you say jerry rigged, mickey mouse’d or any other acronym that describes a failed attempt at creating something from the wrong materials. A Garage screen and a flag…….epic fail!

Screen u and flag

After: Ahhhhhh


Putting the screen on the front of the awning has given me the illusion of a enclosed outdoor room! Love it!



Three: Being away from family and friends is probably the hardest thing I have done in this real life transformation! Never underestimate the power of friends, new and old! Also, never expect good clear photo’s of all your friends once you have started drinking cocktails! lol

Old Friends while visiting us in Florida!


New Friends made on our new life’s journey!

New Friends

Sugar in Car seatFOUR: Sometimes we find out things that will make life easier and using un-conventional products really WILL work! Our adorable, 7 lb dog Sugar gave us a lesson in RV screen doors that we just couldn’t ignore. I love having the door open, however this little unassuming baby becomes a devil if a squirrel or strange animal comes into our camp…..result…..a screen that won’t stand up to her 7lb alter ego!

DoorscreenSolution? My hubby bought a sheet of decorative metal, cut it to size and screwed it into the door over the existing screen. This did two things, one, saved the screen from the claws on our dog, and two, continued to allow the air to enter the RV. The second thing my dear husband did to the door was to add an actual RV handle on the inside, allowing us to close the door more easily and it actually made the door more stable.

The handle is over the top of the plastic slide window in this photo!



FIVE: I know that living in small spaces with others is a study in patience and more importantly, with one bathroom, it is imperative to have schedules. The most important thing I’ve learned is that yelling “Honey! Get out of the bathroom……hurry” is no way to live, lol.


One thought on “Confessions of a Full Time RV’r! 5 Things I Have Leaned so far (Satire)

  1. RVing is a lot of fun and an exercise in patience as you pointed out. The best part is the new friends and interesting people you meet. Best wishes to you both (all three) on your adventures.

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