10 Goofy Gadgets You Gotta Get!

10 Goofy Gadgets You Will Want to Get!

In this high tech world it is nice to slow down and just have some fun, and these goofy gadgets are just that, fun! Admittedly you don’t need them, but you will want them, and some of them are more practical than others.

ONE: This is one of my favorites, and if you have ever dunked a cookie it will be yours too!

Gadgets oreo spoon




TWO: After dunking your cookies, get back to work and put those feet up with a desk foot hammock!

Gadgets foot hammock



THREE:  Lets head into the kitchen and check out this super cute silverware drainer!

gadgets elephant drainer







FOUR: Every Princess needs a magic wand! I LOVE These!

Gadgets majic wand salt








FIVE: For the person that has everything……..a 3D Pancake maker?!

gadgets pancake 3d printer






SIX: If you have 3D pancakes then you MUST have these ice cube trays to go with it!

Gadgets brain ice







SEVEN: This would be super fun at a party, because who DOESN’T need beer goggles?!

Gadgets Beer Goggles






EIGHT: Speaking of drinking! For those that just can’t go to the beach without drinking!!

gadget sunscreen liquor





NINE: This could be AMAZING or Annoying, haven’t decided which!

Gadgets guitar door bell






TEN:  Probably the ONLY practical gadget on this list!

Gadgets iron board






Sources: Dose





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