Taking the Pain out of Paradise! (Satire – RV Living)

Taking the Pain out of Paradise (Satire - RV Travels)

Admittedly, we have been very fortunate not to have neighbors from hell, or howling dogs and cats as neighbors, but we still experience some pain while living in paradise. I initially wrote  “Finding a Campsite That is ALL Wrong” and with that chronicled all my petty grievances about the park we currently reside in.

Now lets look at making the best of a BORING situation, and as we do not have the money to just go out everyday to explore and eat out etc….we have to make our own fun. With that in mind lets look at some of the locals we truly did enjoy meeting and would NEVER complain about.

In Key Largo, we loved the area, the park, the people…….all we had to do was sit outside and one of our new found friends would stop by for a chat, or we would go to them. Our first week there we met the most interesting of locals and knew that we found our paradise.

A whole pod of manatee’s showed up on our dock! Best Welcome to Florida Ever!

RV Animals manatee

From there it was an easy transition to meet the local Animals, lol Sweet Dog and Amazing Owner!

RV Animals Dave and Buffy

However all the Local Animals were not as cute and sweet! Are the cops looking for a gray pick-up? We don’t know, we just wanted him to paint it and move on lol

RV Animals Truck painter

So if we are not in an amazing place with amazing people, we venture out on our bikes, and almost always meet welcoming locals. Here is a Key Largo Iguana!

RV Animals iguana

In Holmstead we met a wolf! Yikes!

RV animals wolf

In Clearwater we have Peacocks that roam free, this handsome male is followed around by two females!

RV Animals Peacock

With all the animals we have met, we tend to enjoy some crazy animal meme’s!

RV Animals.......lmao

Our Favorite animal is the one that puts up with us, and travels with us wherever we go! Meet Sugar! (Shes in her car seat ready for the next adventure!

RV Animals Sugar

Soon we will leave Clearwater behind, and wipe the image of endless shuffleboard tournaments and yells of Bingo from our minds to head on to new adventures. Next few stops will be Savannah Georgia, Myrtle Beach North Carolina, and Watertown New York! Happy Travels!



5 thoughts on “Taking the Pain out of Paradise! (Satire – RV Living)

  1. Love your Blog. So fun
    So glad we are lucky enough to have you in our RV Queens group. Your intelligence, wit and humor are appreciated

  2. I find that most of the RV parks up here in BC Canada are more money grabbers than about people enjoying their camping. One in particular had the trailers parked so close to each other that when you walked out your door the tripping hazard was waiting the neighbours sewer hookup.

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