Finding a Campsite That is ALL Wrong! (Satire)

Being full time RV’rs we have decided on two home bases, Michigan and Florida, spending our major amount of time between the two. However, we also decided that we would take a month or two to travel along the east coast each year. Being diligent, we do our homework and check out each site we wish to visit, checking the website, the area, the amenities. Sometimes none of those matter!

We have found ourselves in a beautiful RV campground……….that we absolutely hate! What to do? Since we paid for the month we are basically stuck here, so we have to make the best of it. The reasons we are so disappointed are numerous and sometimes petty. Reason number one, here in the campground the residents are usually found playing shuffle board, and we don’t play, and we are used to a more in-camp social atmosphere.

We have grass (didn’t have that in the Keys) and are surrounded by $$$

Coach city

Two, our last visit to this area (Clearwater FL) was over 10 years ago, and boy has it changed. We have found ourselves in the middle of a concrete jungle. All the little bars and restaurants that used to be on the water are no longer there, replaced with high rise hotels and condo’s. You can barely even see the Gulf anymore.

The Beach is Beautiful, but full of rental umbrellas, spring breakers, and thousands of people. Took me 20 minutes to get a photo without a million people in it!

clearwater beach

If you get up close and personal, it looks like our own beach! However the splash to the left tells a different story!

beach clearwater

Three, one of our favorite delicacies is escargot, and where is the best place we have ever been for this treat? Clearwater! We have been here a couple of weeks now, and not a single restaurant has this, our favorite indulgence.

So what to do? Explore!! Going no further than the entrance to the park, we checked out the restaurant/bar that is walking distance to us………calling it a dive is being generous. There is an outdoor bar which allows one to watch the traffic for hours, and if you order food, keep close to the bathroom……….ugh

No pics of the ‘dive’ but we found this little beauty while out riding! Not sure what city we were in lol

Jack Willies

This is what the locals call a ‘dive’ we just called it sweet!

Jack Willies

Being fair we did stumble upon some little spots that have saved us from the ultimate boredom that has encompassed our lives. Those however are few and far between. The beaches are huge and commercialized for the tourist industry, the bars face the fancy hotels whose guests have the only view of the Gulf, and even our dog refuses to walk around the park.

We were SO excited to have a pool at this resort, as we didn’t have one in our park in Key Largo…..even this was disappointing. It is so hot, that you freeze when you get out. It is more of a giant hot tub, than a pool! 

RV park pool

St. Johns Pass is our favorite spot, it is a cute little boardwalk with shops and restaurants. Commercialized for tourists but still with that small town charm.

st. johns boardwalk

All in all, we have learned that no matter how much research one does, the only way to know if a park is a good fit, is to go there. We will continue to travel and continue to find and make our own fun! Next stop Savannah Georgia!


2 thoughts on “Finding a Campsite That is ALL Wrong! (Satire)

  1. John’s Pass was also one of our favorites when we lived in Tampa. If you are still in Clearwater/St. Pete area and If you like smoked fish – one of the best places ever is Ted Peter’s in St. Pete. If you go definitely try the Mackerel spread. Given… we lived there quite a few years ago but cannot believe that it would not still be wonderful…… At least somewhere different to try while you are enduring your stay! Better luck next time on a good spot. If ever in Gulf Shores, AL try Gulf Breeze RV Resort. We have had our RV there for the past 11 years and love it. bk

  2. Shuffle board is like escargot . You may think it moves at a snails pace but it has a lot of hidden flavor. It is fun for the beginner and becomes extremely competitive when played by the experts. ( we have one or two of those here. HaHa). We love our park but agree with you regarding Clearwater Beach. Downtown Duneedin and Ozona still have some neat pubs. Your neighbor Jo Ann & Bob

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