Store it! Stash it! Use it or Trash it! (Hacks)

Store it! Stash it! Use it or Trash it!

In this time of reuse, recycle and living lean and green, storage solutions are more important than ever! Every room in the house could use clever ways of storing or stashing and were going to look at some of my favorites!

Don’t throw away those cardboard boxes that your soda comes in! Reuse it and save space in the pantry at the same time!

soup hack

This one is great for all the RV’rs and campers out there! You CAN take your favorite wine on the road!! Just get some inexpensive plastic coated sleeves and even if they knock together they won’t break!

wine sleeves

Speaking of RV’s and Campers, this next one can save a forehead or two! Pool Noodles! The most versatile and cheap fix for soooo many things.

pool noodle hack

LOVE Kitchen hacks and am constantly on the look out for new and inventive idea’s. Although magnets are not new, using them in this manner is just so cute AND practical! Using a cute metal tray is the best backdrop for those magnetic spices.

magnetic genius

Loving anything that can be used for other than its intended purpose, brings us to this hack! A toilet paper holder for towels! Small Spaces will smile over this one!

towel racks

Being a big proponent of recycling and being a full time RV’r has brought me to this realization, use those collapsible trash bins for your recyclables! LOVE this!

trash or recycle





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