RV Travels – Moving on, Moving up

RV Travels - Moving on Moving up

The best thing about living in an RV is the ability to move around, and although staying in one place has its virtues, moving around has its perks too. After four months in Key Largo, the journey has begun to travel the thousands of miles back to Michigan. We made friends and acquaintances, found little known places, and even built a working relationship with a local restaurant who has offered employment upon our return.

These are the reasons we fell in love with the Keys!

Key Largo Peeps

Packing up was a fairly simple process, as our simple life has brought us the realization that “things” are just that, and growing to know what is important and what is not needed has been a road worth travelling.

Staying in Florida for another month, was a conscious choice, as there is so much to explore. Below is the Bridge to St. Petersburg!


Destination City


Coming into a new park is always a little un-nerving….”will the people be friendly?” “will our neighbors be nice” are just a few of the questions that enter ones mind as camp gets set up. So far we have been fortunate and have been accepted for who we are, and have had the honor of having wonderful neighbors. Will that be the same for us here in Clearwater? We certainly hope so.


Minutes from the beach, a pool on site and a dog park are so exciting for us, as we normally chose the path less taken, so this is like taking a vacation.


After setting up, and taking a walk, it seems the people here are even friendlier than we had hoped. Neighbors met, dog park explored, and now we look forward to each new adventure that this month may provide us. A month seems so long and so short all at once, and the anticipation of heading back to where our children and grand children all live is at super high levels.


Nothing but beautiful Coaches and Tiny Houses here!


No sooner do we settle in, the adventures begin. Our first visitor, and our first up close look at this beautiful bird, has made our decision to settle here even more exciting.



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