Epic April Fools Day to All!

Whether doing the pranks or on the receiving end, an epic April Fools Day can be had if the pranks are funny and not mean…..Let us look at some crazy and creative pranks.

Tin Foil – Small Cost – Epic Effect!

AF Tin Foil

If one can’t get in the house? Stealth Level – Expert!

AF Tin Foil 2

Maybe your stealth level exceed Expert!

AF Car

This one would really be a mess! However, we still lol’d

AF Cotton balls

How would you explain the colorful disk of candy in there? Hmmmm

AF Mentos

This one is definitely an inside job! 

AF Soap

Texting Pranks? Stealth Level – Novice lol

AF Text

And Finally…..Facebook Could You Please Give the People What They Want!?

AF Facebook

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