Super Storage Solutions and Epic Hacks!

Super Storage Solutions and Epic Hacks!

Everyday people look for solutions to things like, storage, cleaning and just fun stuff that will make life easier, so lets check out some super storage solutions and epic life hacks!

Starting with a couple of cleaning hacks, lets look at the ever present problem of pet hair. Vacuuming the carpets can lead to that mess of wound up twisted hair on the rollers, which can take time to pry out and it is pretty gross.

Hack animal hair

Next up is the frustration that comes from trying to clean small spaces, like car vents or computer keyboards. Sure its easy to get the dust off the top, but how to get in between those small spaces?

Hack slime cleaner

Storage is another thing that most people are constantly trying to find more of, these next hacks can help with some creative solutions. The first one is not just for kids, any small shower will benefit from up top storage.

Hack shower

Next up, a clever way to add out of the way storage for the kitchen. Mount to almost any surface and hang up those kitchen tools.

Hack - binder loops

One of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments comes with these upside down shelves.

Hack Shelf

The next two hacks are just plain fun. Have a rustic kitchen? Use of an old rack head can create a wonderful vignette for your wine glasses.

Hack rack

Now lets have some fun with hula hoops and sheets, add a chair and small table and even adults will love this idea!

Hack fort


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