Crock Pots – Three Low Carb Easy Meals!

Crock Pot - Three Easy Low Carb Meals

In an effort to eat healthy, sometimes the easiest solutions are sitting right in our cupboards. Break out that crock pot and try these low carb easy meals!

buffalo chicken wrapBuffalo Chicken Wraps – Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts | Hot Sauce | Ranch Dressing | Choped Onion | Fresh Garlic | Carrots | Lettuce | Chicken Stock

Cut up the chicken breasts into strips (or buy the chicken pre-cut) place into the crock pot, add 16 ozs of the chicken stock or enough to completely cover the chicken. Add the pressed or cut garlic, and onions, and set on high for approximately 4 hours.

Shred the chicken, and add hot sauce to taste ( we like Louisiana Hot sauce) approx. 1/4 cup. Cook in Crock Pot for another 30 minutes. Slice the carrots into thin pieces or use a peeler to make nice long thin strips and pull off whole lettuce leaves.

Place approximately 2 large tablespoons of the chicken into the lettuce, add the carrots and a tablespoon of ranch dressing.(We use low fat no sugar Waldon Farms ranch)


Italian Beef – Your favorite cut of roast | Carrots | Beef stock

Place the roast into the crock pot and add beef stock to cover, cook on high approx. 6 hours, shred the beef, and add cut carrots, cook approx. 30 minutes more. Serve over spaghetti squash or brown rice.

Beef crock pot

Chicken and Cabbage – 1 cup Chicken Stock |1 whole Sliced Cabbage | 1-2 Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts  | Seasoned Salt | Fresh crushed garlic | Salt and Pepper | Onion or onion powder

This is a good recipe for left over chicken, or bake the chicken by coating the breasts in olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake at 350 for 15 minutes each side. Shred or cut up chicken.

Place all the cabbage into the crock pot with 1 cup of chicken stock, cook on low just to begin heating up the pot.  Add the chicken garlic, chopped onion or onion powder, and seasoned salt and stir, and cook on low for approximately 4 hours.

Chicken and cabbage



Sources: Lone Star Gal | YouTube | Enjoying Lifes Journey | YouTube


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