Exercise Hacks and Healthy Eating Recipes!

Exercise Hacks and Healthy Recipes!

Sometimes it is so hard to find motivation to eat right and exercise, and that is where these hacks and recipes come in. Getting up and getting in that workout can be an effort, and one that can encourage a million reasons why one should put it off until tomorrow. Starting with Hacks and ending with a couple recipes, there is something for everyone here.

Work out hack 1Hack One – A visual reminder can be very effective, and when something is in your face, it is harder to ignore it. So each night, set out your work out clothes, right where you will see them first thing in the morning. If this isn’t enough to get you going, try sleeping in those workout clothes, that way there are NO excuses to get up and kick that workouts butt!

Include ALL your gear, such as water bottle, headphones etc….


Stand up ComputerHack 2 – To increase motivation, do your computer work standing up! It gets the blood circulating, and will set the tone for the rest of the day! Use the counter, or improvise so that it will be comfortable to stand while working on the computer. I once used a bench on top of the table to get the laptop to the correct height to comfortably stand for an hour!

Hack 3 – I for one need daily reminders of the goals I am trying to achieve. Writing it out is fine for some, however being a product of my environment I constantly have my phone in my hands, soooooo, lets use that little piece of technology to get motivated.

Below are two of my favorite screen savers, they remind me all day of the goals I am trying to achieve. One is why I work out and the other is a reminder that my weights are waiting for me!

This is why I work out! (3rd line lol)

Look hot screen saverr

This is a reminder that I am strong and the more I use my weights, the more muscle I will build, and the less fat I will retain.

weights screen saver

Now a couple of tips on eating right in the midst of all that working out. The first up is my undying need for salty, crunchy foods. It may sound yucky, but Kale chips fit the bill and keep the cravings away.

Kale Chips

1 bunch of Kale | Olive Oil | Sea Salt

Cut off the Kale stems and tear the leafs into bite size pieces. In a bowl work into the leaves 2 Tbls of Olive oil, then lay them on a cookie sheet. Use sea salt to add a little flavor.

Place in oven at 350 for approx. 15 minutes or until the edges start to brown.


Power Cookie

If sweets is your thing, then this recipe from Dr. Mikes 17 Day Diet may be just what you need!

1/3 C. Unsweetened Applesauce | 2 Tbls Almond Paste | 1 Tbls Flaxseed oil | 10 Packets of Truvia | 1/4 agave nectar | 1 egg | 1/2 tsp vanilla | 1/4 cup whole wheat flour | 1/2 tsb. baking soda | 1 tsp. cinnamon | 1/2 tsp. salt | 1/4 tsp. black pepper | 1/2 cup vanilla whey powder | 2 cups oats | I cup dried cherries | 1/2 cup sliced almonds.

Heat over to 350. Beat together applesauce, almond past, flax seed oil, Truvia and agave nectar. Beat in egg and vanilla. Mix well. Add flour, baking soda, salt, pepper and whey powder. Beat thoroughly. Stir in oats, cherries and almonds. Mix well. Drop the batter by large tablespoons onto a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Divide dough st that you have 18 cookies. Flatten each cookie with the back of the spoon. Bake 16 to 18 minutes or until brown.

Each cookie is 128 calories and packed with protein.

power cookie




Sources: LaurDIY | YouTube | Lindsay Marie | YouTube |

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