Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming – Following the Sun!

Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming - Following the Sun

The Good, the bad and the ugly sides of living full time in an RV are brought to life with real life experiences in a true story of champagne wishes and RV dreaming, it is time to follow the sun. Our adventures began back in September of 2015 when our RV became our full time home. I began to blog as it was a huge step indeed, as one will see in my first article “Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming – New Blog”   It has been months of highs and lows and extreme learning curves as witnessed and documented by myself  through out our journey.

We settled in for the winter at a park in Key Largo, and found a second home, much to our surprise. Now it is time to move on, and it is bittersweet as there is no guarantee that a space will be available for us come this winter.

Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming - Following the Sun!

The Good – Although we will miss our new friends here in the Keys, we look forward with much anticipation to the adventures ahead. The month of April will be spent on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Clearwater, which will be our first actual ‘resort’ that we will land in. After that, we will head to Savannah Georgia for a few days, then on to visit a friend in Myrtle Beach in the Carolina’s.

After the Carolina’s we have an open calendar until we land in upper state New York to visit our Daughter, Son-in-law and grandchildren! Two whole weeks will be spent on the military base, and it just can’t get here soon enough. After that we head home to Michigan for the summer and will once again be surrounded by friends and family.

The Bad – The bad are the un-knowns……will we be back in our park in Key Largo come November? Will we continue to be healthy and have the funds to continue to travel, the list goes on and on. The biggest ‘bad’ this year was spending Christmas without our children and grand children, and although I put on a brave face in my article “Home for the Holidays” it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Now the question is. “Will we be able to afford to go home for Christmas this year?” It is an all consuming worry for me, as I do not think I could go through the intense home sickness I felt again.


The Ugly – The only ugly for us during this next leg of our trip will be travelling through the mountains for the first time with our travel trailer. It scares me to no end! I pray it truly does NOT become ugly lol.


2 thoughts on “Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming – Following the Sun!

  1. Thanks for always sharing your best and worst experiences of RV living, honestly from your heart, Kristi!

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