Road Trippin – Packing up and Moving On! Tips & Tricks

Well we have been in Key Largo for 4 months now, and just one more month to go before we move on to our next destination, so it is time to start thinking about packing up and moving on. Being new to living full time in an RV posed many problems and many wonderful adventures. We settled fully into life here in our RV park and have made many friends, it will be hard to leave, but knowing that in just two short months we will be home makes it just a bit easier.

Knowing how little space we have has kept us from spending money on things we don’t need. That leaves us with the exact amount of stuff we had when we first got here. I have found small spaces that the dealer did not tell us about, and am proud to say that we still have a little wiggle room when it comes to storage.

The Photo below is ‘found’ storage in our dining room table. This was found completely by accident and is a great space for me to keep all our straps that are used to tie everything down. Its not a large space but great for papers, or even a laptop!

Hidden table storage

Next up is a space almost all RV’rs have and probably don’t utilize, and that is under the recliners. Our recliners are on carpet so when they are pushed back and strapped in, I can put any number of things underneath to keep them safe. I put our clock under one with our sofa pillows. Under the other I put our laptops and wrapped wine glasses.

Recliner open

Big box of open space under the recliner with its own built in padding! Love this find!

Under Recliner

For the rest of it, all our family photos go into a soft side basket on the side of our bed, and my one large decorative fish (below) goes on the bed under the blankets. All cupboards and the refrigerator get those handy dandy poles to keep everything on the shelves so their are no surprises when we open the cupboards once we land in our new spot.

Wall Fish

We hope all your travels are safe and your destinations are amazing, and that everything gets their in one piece!



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