Work Outs That Work for Small Spaces!

Living in a small space or tiny house poses issues for the types of workouts that one can get done in limited square footage. So this article is dedicated to finding workouts that work for small spaces!

I have already written about these amazing bed workouts, which anyone can do, in any bedroom, large or small. Small Spaces Workouts works for this writer as we live full time in an RV, but those that are dedicated to daily workouts need variation.

RV Bed Workout 2

What I have found is that working out with weights can be rewarding, big time, and can be done in small spaces. Tiny homes have the advantage over RV’s as the ceilings are higher, however, modifying those routines can be just as rewarding.

As a person that has never used weights, I began with the basics and that is buying a set of weights that would not break the bank. I settled on Gold Gyms 40# set, for $16.00 and allows me to use 2.5#’s per arm up to 10#’s per arm. Its not a lot, but I am not a hard core work out expert, so it is enough.


Next up, where to find good solid workouts for weights that are low impact and tailored to home use and not for the gym rats. I found an amazing workout called Chalean, which is a series of slow repetitions that are very small space friendly.


So combining the bed workouts, walking, riding a bike and the weighted workouts, life in a small space has been one workout that works for this writers small spaces!


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