8 Big Idea’s for Small Spaces!

There are a lot of storage hacks out there, and weeding through them to find what is right for your home can take some time. Living in a small space (an RV) has made it my life mission to come up with real, viable solutions to living in small spaces. Here are eight more of my all time favorites!

  1. I don’t like to have everything in storage containers so I am a firm believer that once you settle in, re-arrange! This is not a storage hack, but a solution that I have found works wonders. We have tension rods to put in place so that things don’t come falling out after we move, so why box up everything? Not this girl (See before and after ‘Pantry’ below) NOTE: All those racks were IN there, just not in the right place!

2. Another great idea for doubling space in a cupboard or cabinet is under shelve hangers. This will keep stuff to the front of the cabinet, and not allow it to get buried in the back as mine were.

STORAGE -Stackable-Bowl-Shelves-U2C6467_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707

3. Another issue in small spaces, is where to put all those cutting boards and cookie sheets. It is not fun having to pull everything out to get to those cookie sheets at the bottom of the cupboard. Tension rods will save the day!

STORAGE Rods for cookie sheets4

4. If the above can’t solve the problem then maybe this next one will. I love the idea of using a file holder to hold everything BUT files. Lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, the sky’s the limit.

STORAGE 0503-desk-cupboard_300

5. RV’s don’t have large area’s under the sink and I personally don’t have the room for this next solution, however I think it is brilliant and may work for other small homes.

STORAGE garbage bagsIMG_0517

6. This is one I can get behind. Using a paper towel holder to hold ribbons is brilliant and can be stored easily when not in use, just take some masking tape and wind it around the top so the spools can’t fall off.

STORAGE ribbon-dispenser_gal

7. Over the years I have thrown out a lot of jewelry boxes, and found this interesting tip on re-using them to organize junk drawers, jewelry, craft material, etc….just hold them together with clips and store away.

STORAGE jewelry-box_gal

8. Last but not least, when storing pots and pans in drawers, a simple tension rod can help to organize those lids. A Simple and effective storage hack!

STORAGE tension-rod_gal




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