Small Spaces – Genius Hacks

Once again, finding space in our small home has led to the navigating the web for innovative ways to store ‘stuff’. Below are the top 10 genius hacks for storing…..well….lots of different things!

  1. Store all those beautiful bracelets in this inventive way!

sh - bottle bracelets

2) Add a simple tension rod to hold all those spray bottles in the kitchen, bathroom or garage!

sh - tension rod

3) If one is lucky enough to have a laundry room, but un-lucky enough to have no place to air dry. This hack is genius!

sh - ladder dryer

4) Lets move into the bathroom, using a wine rack to store towels is not only a great idea, but it looks awesome too!

sh - wine rack

5) Lake of counter space in the Bathroom? Here is a not cost do it yourself hack for storing the old tooth brushes.

sh - tooth brushes

6) Mount a magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard door and use it to store many things such as a blow dryer and curling iron.

sh - magazine rack storage

7) No shower shelves? No Problem, just put some clips on that tension rod!

sh - shower hanging products

8) LOVE this idea, and it can be used in virtually any room to store any type of goodies!

sh - under shelf baskets

9) Crown molding isn’t just for ceilings anymore! Clever don’t you think?!

sh - crown molding for shoes

10) Who stores all their plastic grocery bags by stuffing all the used ones into one open one? Here is a clever way to store them and use way less space! You can also do this with a empty tissue box.

sh - plastic bags

Whether you live in a tiny house, an apartment or even an RV, storage is at a premium, so finding usable, clever hacks to improve any small space is genius!


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