Living in Small Spaces With Others (and not murdering them)

OK, murder is extreme, but so is living in small spaces with others, this writers household consists of myself, my husband, and my 7lb dog. Any more than that I’m not sure I could handle the tight spaces. I have, however, learned a few things that make living together just a bit easier.

  1. The first thing I’ve learned is that living small requires warm weather. Without our outdoor space, I’m certain that my hubby would have a few injuries by now lol. Without the use of the front patio space, living full time in an RV would be much harder, as we all are here every day……..All day…….full time……together! Spending time outside has kept my sanity in check.

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  1.  Next is personal space, and this is hard to come by in a two room home. My husband is retired and works on-line a couple hours a day, I write and work all morning on the computer. His space is his comfy recliner and mine is at the dining room table. We don’t switch, swap or bother each other while working. If he is on the phone, I go outside. If I’m in a meeting or on the phone, he sits quietly and takes any phone calls outside…….perfect harmony, most of the time.

working space

  1. Knowing each others schedules is probably the MOST important, and I am referring to our bathroom schedules lol. This has probably been our biggest transition. I have taken to early morning work and potty schedules, where as he gets up later and therefore uses the bathroom later in the morning. Only once did our paths cross, and it was not pretty! lol
  2. For us, choosing to not have a washer and dryer in our RV has worked for us. It gives us time to get out, and away from each other, if even just for a little bit.
  3. Having several options for entertainment is important, as we do not always want to watch or listen to what the other is in the mood for. Our stereo can be played inside, outside, or both. We have a TV in the main space and a small one in the bedroom…..options! I also have a Kindle and Kindle Fire, which gives me even more options.

In closing, living and working in small spaces will work if you want it to work, even with more people than we have. We frequently have guests and we give them the bedroom so that they can have their privacy, while we have the entire rest of the house. Live, Love, Laugh and the rest will fall into place!


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