Small Spaces – Bright Idea’s

So many times while living in this RV, I have looked for ways to brighten things up, with small spaces it is easier said than done. So I started playing with these battery operated LED light strips and all I can say, is let the fun begin!

I have a small shelf above the TV where I have my grandchildren’s photos, however at night, we don’t keep a lot of lights on, and I can’t see them, or if we have people over, I like to show them off. My solution below! I can change which color to use  also! This was at Christmas time.


Next, we use our outside space as an additional room, there are chairs and tables, and I don’t always want to hang lights. (windy days mean taking them down to roll up the awning) Lighting up a larger space can be costly, so again I played around with these light strips, the result is below.


Its hard to see, but it is a beautiful glow and the strips are flat so I can roll up the awning without taking the lights down.

I also lit up the RV steps which is the last photo below. No more hitting of the shins on the step in the dark!














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