RV Smiles by the Miles!

RV living is becoming synonymous with tiny house living, being mobile or not is one of the few differences! Being a full time RV’r I find beauty wherever we go, and tend to smile more and more these days, so lets just have some fun with RV cartoons!

This one brings a smile to my face not only because my husband is retired, but because it is so in-accurate to believe that only the retired live full time in these portable houses.

rv for old people

This next one seems to apply to many things that people acquire these days, be it boats or RV’s, one always wants ‘more room’.

rv no room cartoon

For many this next one is not funny, it is a reality……RV parks are everywhere, but not all are created equal.

Wideopenspaces cartoon

Lastly for all those brave souls that travel from town to town, winter down south and summer up north……I give you the RV prayer!

rv prayer


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