RV Groups and Gatherings – Are they Worth it?

RV’rs are a distinct group of people that have chosen a lifestyle that is not for the faint of heart. Road Warriors that will pick up and go as often as they can, hooking up at various camp grounds or leaving the cords behind and going rogue until their tanks fill up.

There are over 40,000 full time RV’rs in the United States and more still that winter or vacation in their RVs. This leads to groups! Groups on FB, RV websites, blogs and more, but how do you know if becoming a part of a group is for you?

Doing anything for the first time can be intimidating, and joining discussions can be enlightening and helpful. However, with so many of these groups out there how to find ones that will be good for YOUR specific lifestyle can be hard, so here is my take on just a few of those groups.

Facebook – If you are a woman looking for support on living in an RV world, there is ‘Dilemmas and Dreams of the RV Queens’ is a wonderful group. It is full of positive messages and real support on things such as RV issues, cooking in an RV, and reviews on RV parks around the U.S, as well as much more. No Drama, no advertising on this page, just good clean posts and good times.


Many RV groups harbor those that just have to be better, smarter, and always argumentative. Weeding out those groups is usually pretty easy, as the ugly rear their heads fairly soon after one has joined. Living in an RV can be tough at times and no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

RV 5th Wheels, Women of Faith, their are just hundreds of Facebook pages devoted to those that love their homes on wheels. A little bit of time spent checking them out will certainly bring you to a page that will benefit your lifestyle.

Web – The best app I have found for RV’rs is RVillage.com, which is a community unto itself. It has maps, get togethers, groups within the group, and is an all around great place to land. With tens of thousands of members, it is almost a sure bet that one will find answers to anything RV related.


Apps – Good Sams, Passport and hundreds more, however these are very individual based on how you RV. Vacations, part timers, or however or how often you use your RV will determine which app if any might save you some money in those campgrounds.



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