RV Living On a Budget!

When Contemplating a transition into RV life, their are many things one must take into consideration. The first and foremost is how long will you be living in an RV? For months, for weeks, or forever. Below is a simplistic review of three types of rolling homes, but bare in mind that there are several different classes of these three models.

Coachs – One of the more expensive and luxurious types of RVs on the market, as shown here, a coach is  drive-able, and there is no need to tow. So many perks with this type of recreation vehicle, however, many do not have the money to buy one and also have money left to travel.

Coach RV

Fifth Wheel – These are more in line with current cheap housing options, hook ups are relatively easy and the amount of space is luxurious. The only down side is having the rear end of your pick-up as the mounting location for the RV. For us, having the bed of the truck available was extremely important.

RV 5th Wheel

Travel Trailer – This is one of the more cost efficient types of RVs although all of the models described here have variations in floor plans and cost. A travel trailer is pulled with a hitch system, and as new ones can be readily affordable, one must also remember that a truck with a suspension package is a must in order to tow it. This is our RV and why we needed that truck bed available. (below)

travel trailer with bike

The above overview is just a snapshot of the types of RV’s out there, but living in one can be as freeing as it is cheaper than a brick and mortar home. Here are the things I’ve learned living full time in an RV.

Different locations have different amenities, and those with no amenities are the most cost efficient. In order to work, and enjoy computers and TV’s, kindles, or whatever device one may be using, we have found WiFi to be our biggest investment. We have a WiFi extender for parks that provide this service, but may not have the best range. For parks without provided WiFi we pay monthly for this service. We do not pay for cable TV or mega data packages for our phones as we use WiFi for all our devices, TV included.

Since we live down south during the winter and up north during the summer, it was important for us to have mail service, that way we do not have to pay for a post office box. Pull through spots are also a priority for first time RV’rs, as it is much easier to pull forward into a spot as opposed to backing in.

We left Michigan with a $110 a month electric bill (running the air a lot of the time) to our park in Florida where our electric is $50 a month. One must remember that different area’s have different costs on water and electric. Also look up the local grocery stores on- line as many will have e-coupons that will save some big bucks at the market.

Don’t go out all the time, when we first started full timing, we acted as if we were on vacation………for FOUR months lol. So now we just go out periodically, and it is only at happy hour, as we live in a tourist rich area, so prices are very high.

One last thing that does not save me money, but saves on hauling garbage to the parks dumpster is finding a recycling center near you. I bought a collapsible garbage bin with handles that does the job perfectly.

Weekly, monthly, or full time, an RV is an investment and should be taken seriously! Happy Travels!





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