Living Un-Cluttered! 5 Options to Clean it Up!

Living in small spaces such as a tiny house, or an RV, brings up daily issues of clutter! How to control, and tame it can be as easy storage bins, or as hard as coming up with creative ways to stash the goods!

  1.  Dollar stores are a good source for cheap bins to store stuff in, just remember that square bins take up less space than round or oval.
  2. RV’s have ‘hidden’ storage that the dealer may have not told you about. We found all four of our dining chairs have So look at the furniture to see if there are options for storage.
  3. When living in small spaces, it take time to determine just exactly what one might need on a daily basis. Take the time to re-organize for the first few months, stashing less used items in less accessible places, leaving your easy access storage for items used more often.
  4. Recycle, Re-invent, Re-use are words to live by in small spaces. Instead of going out and buying a vase, for instance, use that empty coffee creamer container.

small spaces - flowers

5. As hard as it is, DON’T buy stuff, stay away from temptation, and your place will stay clutter free.


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