Tiny House Vs. RV Living – Could You?

Living off the grid, moving to a Tiny House, going to buy an RV and travel…..but, could you? Lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s of Tiny House living vs. RV living!

Tiny Houses PRO’s – Top of the list is affordability, and in today’s economy that is pretty important. It is also why these 500-900 square feet homes are a reality for today’s youth.

The next pro for tiny houses is that if one is so inclined, blueprints can be obtained to build it yourself. This will keep costs down even more.

t vs r tiny house interior

These homes can be customized very easily, and unique floor plans are available for those with discerning tastes.

Tiny homes are just like their bigger cousins, as they can be decorated, painted and made unique very easily through decorating.

As a first home, it requires less furniture, and therefore less move in cost.

One could buy a decent size plot of land, and live with the richness of nature within the walls of a tiny home. (making big windows a huge plus if there are no neighbors around)

Tiny House CON’s – Downsizing to fit into one of these mini homes can be a daunting task, if one is moving from full size to mini.

Tiny homes are stationary, and living minimalistic on a small plot of land could become claustrophobic, at best, and bring on cabin fever more than just in the winters at worst.

RV Living PRO’s – Buying a ready made RV is as exciting as buying ones first home, with thousands of options and sizes.

Being mobile is a pro for most RV owners, packing up and travelling is one of the biggest perks of this kind of living.

T VS R rv interior

Everything is included in a purchased RV, such as furniture, appliances and window treatments. One price, and its completely move in ready.

RV Living CON’s – It is harder to customize an RV, as the wall treatments, curtains, floors and furniture have options, it is still standard colors, and painting walls is not an option. Nor is hanging on said walls a cake walk, many walls that have open space are not thick enough to hold much weight.

Moving around is not an option for many people, as jobs are usually a stationary proposition. RV’s can be made stationary, but that usually defeats the purpose of buying a “mobile” home. Most think of RV’s as vacation toys, be it a weekend, a week, or months.

Summary – Both options have there appeal, and it is a uniquely individual decision on whether or not one is willing and able to deal with both the pro’s and con’s of living in small spaces.

Most importantly …….. regret-nothing meme





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