Storage 1, 2, 3 ! Small Space Solutions

Living in small spaces presents a challenge all its own, on how to store all of ones stuff! The following idea’s will work for any small space, however, the last one is for RV owners, who have a few other more specific needs in there movable home.

Clothes storage can be a huge issue when one has small closets but deep cupboard spaces. The solution is to use dollar store bins, up on there sides. This allows one to see all their tee’s and shorts, while not allowing them to tumble around the inside of that big cupboard. Pictured below is two bins, with 3 bins behind it. Simply remove one bin to pull out the bins in the deep dark reaches of your space.

I use a upright basket for my “un-mentionables” and keep my computer case and bags behind it. (Below)


RVDishStorageI love the dish racks and use them for my dishes AND my canned goods!  For storage under sinks use a locker shelf, they are higher and more conducive to storing taller items, such as your cleaning products.



Nestled deeply in the back of my cupboard is a shelf allowing me the luxury of storing double the canned goods.


Lazy Susans are a huge help in small spaces, they can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom to store, spices, bathroom articles, and more.


Lastly for our RV friends, is a clever way to store those ugly sewage lines that we are forced to use to unload our gray and black tanks. Many of the newer RV’s have bumpers like these (below) which allow us to attach racks, clothes lines and more.


What you may not know, or may not have noticed, is that the bumper is hollow and has caps on it, as shown below, and is a perfect fit to store those ugly hoses!




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