Living Small – Can YOU Do it?

There are a lot of advantages to living small, but it is not for everyone. Could YOU do it? The pro’s to living small are mostly obvious, such as all the house hold bills will be cut virtually in half……less gas, less electric, less water. With technology advancements many do not even have cable TV anymore, choosing instead to go the WIFI route with one of the many devices out there. Roku, FireStick, ChromeCast, and more, have the masses upping their wireless accounts and dropping their cable bills.

The con’s are somewhat less obvious, other than lack of space, which is the big one that deters most from even considering downsizing. From a tiny house, a container home or an RV, there are many things to consider. The outside of the home becomes just as important as the inside, as it ads extra living space. Porches and awnings become additional rooms so don’t forget to address that when looking to go small or go mobile.

Small house - big porch

Most small spaces are built with standard grade materials, just like brick and mortar homes, however, changing the look can be a bit more challenging than just slapping up a gallon of paint. Check out my article on decorating a small space ‘Small Spaces & Living Large’

RV Rooms

Living with multiple people, or even just two of you, becomes a true test of the relationship. Which brings us back to how important additional outdoor space becomes. Living with only one bathroom has its own unique set of issues, but all in all, living small can be very freeing and enlightening. Check out ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ _______



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