RV Living – Quick Tips

Living full time in a small space requires some inventive solutions to everyday problems, so here is my take on some of the easily solved to the impossible to solve issues that come up day to day.

  1. Easy – Hanging things can be as easy as command hooks or binder clips
  2. Locker Shelves are cheap and work perfectly under sinks to add space.
  3. Dollar store bins are just as good as the expensive ones!
  4. Modifying dish drainers to fit your sink IS possible (Pictured is the dollar store version)
  5. Storing in square bins, jars, Tupperware, takes up less space than round vessels.
  6.  Saving money can be as easy as getting rid of cable TV and using a Roku, Chrome Cast, Apple TV or a Fire Stick.
  7. Making money can be easy if you find the right places to ‘work from home’

Hack - Sink Sponge

The Things that are virtually impossible is a shorter list, but no less frustrating than trying to solve the easier things in life.

  1. Trying to block rain in your outside places with plastic – Impossible!
  2. Never having both persons in the home need the bathroom at the same time – Impossible!

plastic failure



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