Road Trippin – 5 Reasons to Head Out & Explore!

Living full time in an RV has its ups and downs, but for those that are able to travel, the perks out weigh the negatives, every time! Similar to living in a tiny house, RV living is not for the faint of heart. Downsizing is the biggest obstacle to most, and organizing what one does take can be frustrating. When all is done, and the road is calling, it can be one of the most freeing and satisfying journeys of ones life.

1 Snails Pace -Born and raised in Michigan, we have not seen much of the US beyond our front door. States have been visited via plane or car, usually for work, or to visit a distant relative, however, travelling in an RV is an entirely new experience. Travelling at a snails pace compared to our other trips has been one of the most enlightening and satisfying things so far.

2. Capturing the Beauty -Finding a spot that is so beautiful that capturing it is nearly impossible is something that I strive to do while out exploring. The photo below of the the water is one of my favorites, and I call it ‘No Filter’ as it came out as stunning as the real thing.

Water - life with no filter

3. Following the Warm Weather – The freedom to escape from the cold and the ability to hop on our motorcycle is something that will never get old. Salt air however, has posed its own challenges as we did not know that it would creep in and try to eat away at our most prized possessions. So we live and we learn and we keep moving, seeing the road and the world around us in the most unique of ways.

Gulf and Ocean from Bike

4. The Locals – Not being rich, we accept that we will not be living in RV ‘Resorts’ and that is OK. We believe our lives have been richer for having to live among the locals, and learning what it is really like to live in certain area’s of the world. This year we took 2 weeks to make our way south, and will take a full month to migrate back up north for the summer. Setting our own pace and allowing ourselves the time to settle in, has allowed us to see more than just the tourist side of things.

5. The Simple Things – Yes, sometimes it is the simplest things in life that bring the most pleasure. In our simple little RV park, the locals gather dockside for sunset, settling in under the tiki hut. Yet another local across the from us blows a conk shell each night to document the end of another day.

Sunset from dock




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