Small Spaces & Living Large!

So little space, so much time spent in it. How to deal with living in small spaces is an art in patience, and a study in creativity. I have written before on hacks to increase storage in small spaces, this time I am turning an eye on how to make a small space your own.

Some small spaces come standard, like an RV, with a sea of beige and wood, hardly any wall space, and what wall space there is, it’s not stable enough to hang anything on it. Dealing with this is no problem for some that like neutrals, for others it is a eyebrow raising hair pulling event that must be dealt with.

couch tableNot wanting to do anything extreme, such as painting perfectly good wood, leaves this writer with a dilemma that must be dealt with. So we start with pillows for the couch and a painted fold up coffee table!

Next I turned my eye to the counters, and although the granite is beautiful it is still beige and brown, so whats a girl to do? I use cheap baskets and colored glass bowls to keep things that we use everyday on the counter. Finding a coffee maker that didn’t take up massive real estate was no picnic either, but the end result is something that I can live with and enjoy, without looking at clutter.

small spaces - counters

small spaces - coat rackIn many homes and RV’s have rooms that can have more than one door, which makes laying out furniture a creative business. We chose to not use an extra bedroom door as it just didn’t make sense, and we never used it anyway. A few over the door hooks and a rug on the floor and Voila! We now have a foyer!

small spaces - flowersI love our dining set, but again, it is BROWN! so to dress it up, I use cute candle jars, a colorful iguana ceramic, and fresh flowers. Buy flowers, pick flowers, just get some beautiful colors in your space. It is amazing how much happier one will feel with a little bit of the outdoors, inside.

No matter where you live, large or small, making a home your own can be a daunting task, and finding idea’s on-line can take hours of your life away. A little innovation, a lot of desperation can set you on the road to a one of a kind living space.




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