RV Living – Working on the Road & Getting Paid for it!

Being on the road and living in different area’s of the country poses its own complications when it comes to making money. I have tried many things and have found a few very valid options that make living in a small space full time bearable.

I love being away from the cold weather during the winter, however, my husband is retired and I am not! So whats a girl to do to keep busy? I have been a writer for on-line publications for most of my RV life, but those that write know that it is not a viable long term sustainable income. So I opened my own Social Media Company……..KC’s Bookshelf! So if your reading this, then you can probably imagine how that turned out! It didn’t and turned into my blog! I do however have a client here and there still, but at $100 a month I needed more than just sitting here and writing promotions.

I decided to try my hand at surveys, however there are very few that actually pay anything remotely worth my time in doing them. One such viable site is Vindale Research, and although it takes time and patience one can make up to $100 a month doing this diligently.

Many people in this lifestyle have found their niche working for the parks in which they stay. This has not panned out for me however, as I have few skills that would translate into park living……..sigh

Living in the Keys, I am surrounded by artists and thought…………hmmm maybe I can do something with all these coconuts I’m surrounded with…….What a nightmare! I never realized how hard it was to A) extract the coconut from its protective nest and B) how totally unlikely it was for me to clean it and paint it! And C) how strenuous it would be to open and get to the holy grail ……the coconut meat. Although these 3 coconuts kept me busy for 3 days, (pictured above) they did not give me any type of viable income! (They did however provide me with inspiration for some VERY tasty recipes)

key largo chocolate

So I hit the streets and found a part time job at a local chocolate factory! (above) I love meeting the people that come in from all over the world, and as I am not a big sweets fan, it has satisfied my need for $$$ and interactions with others.


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