RV Dreaming – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

There is much to say about RV living, many are good, many are bad, and one thing for sure, is full timing is not for the faint of heart. This writer has been a full time RV’r for 8 months at this writing, and being optimistic and truly happy with our choices, we will start with the good.

The GOOD – There is so much that is good about this way of life, from the obvious, like travelling and seeing the world, to the not so obvious. Staying in a ‘park’ as opposed to a ‘resort’ can have a significant impact on how living small agrees with you or not. For us, living among the locals has been an amazing experience, one that we would not trade for a pool and gym facility. Finding spots that are on the road less taken has been so amazing that we are planning on staying in this ‘park’ next year also.

Photo’s below are of a small breakfast and lunch diner, and a ‘Boatel’ where one can stay on a docked houseboat instead of a hotel. The most surprising however, was the underwater hotel that was also in this little area, amongst  the quaint homes in the back of a suburban street.

The quaint little restaurant below boasts of a Friday Fish Fry, with the menu written on the wall.

Hideout restaurantHide out wallhideout lobster trap

The Underwater Hotel was right around the corner from the above restaurant, and the Boatel was just across the street. Had we not been exploring, some of these wondrous sites might not have made it into our photo albums. This is definitely part of the GOOD!

The BAD – The bad aspects of living in an RV also has its obvious and not so obvious answers. Downsizing to fit in the space is definitely a challenge. It took myself three garage sales to move from a three bedroom to a one bedroom RV. Learning what you really need to live is a big eye opener.

Blending in is a downside for me, I like to be an individual and have my home reflect my tastes. This is a true challenge for me, as I live in a sea of beige and wood, and have struggled to put my mark on our home. Little things like lack of wall space to hang things, and having very little to work with as far as interior changes has  been my biggest challenge. To date I have received a folding coffee table as a gift, that I painted bright green, I bought throw pillows for the couch, and plan on re-doing the curtains next. (The pillows matching the dog bed was a total accident lol)

couch table

The UGLY – The ugly only comes into play sporadically and mainly has to do with my husband and I needing the bathroom at the same time. Over time our bodies have adjusted somewhat, but there are still times the race is on in the morning. lol



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