Champagne Wishes & RV Dreaming – Winter

My Husband and I picked the Florida Keys to Winter in, as we are just getting to old to shovel the amount of snow that falls in Michigan. Well Mother Nature decided that instead of snow, we would have to deal with high winds, record rainfall, and below normal temperatures. All very unique elements to deal with in an RV!

windy palmsWind – Oh my greatest nemesis so far, so I have traded shoveling snow for a constant battle with my out door space under my awning. I have a flag that I hang to block the afternoon sun, which was blistering in November, but does little to block the winds. I love lights on my awning so I went from my cute hanging lights to an LED light strip so I don’t have to pull them down every time I have to close her up.

The noise inside the RV when the winds are blowing are terrifying at first, and annoying the rest of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to shovel rain or wind, so we stand by our decision to having moved here for 6 months.

Rain – I spend 1/2 my time in my “outdoor room” under the awning, and rain is the  single most thing that makes enjoying it the hardest to do. It seems that when it rains, it is windy as well, so I spend as much time drying things out as I do enjoying the space. Ahhh Life’s little blips,  not such a big deal in the scheme of things, but certainly annoying.

Solutions: The worst part is getting stuck inside the RV for long periods of time, when one is used to being outdoors. My first solution is what my kids call redneck RV’ing, which is when I hang sheets to block the wind and rain, so that I can still sit outside. Not optimum, and it is rather embarrassing to have bed sheets handing from ones home. GardenofEden2.pngMy second solution is to get out and do things regardless of the weather, bundle up, grab an umbrella and go……..not as easy as it sounds, and many of the attractions in the Keys are outdoor based. Many of the indoor attractions have been interesting, but not things we want to participate in, such as the “Clothing Optional” place we found while wandering in Key West lol. (Pic right) 

ChocolateFactoryLastly, I got a part time job at a chocolate shop! I get to meet new people, smell chocolate in the air all day, and generally have a low stress, fun, and lucrative way to get out of the house. Would I go back to my old life as a home owner? No I would not, I miss my family and friends, but as time passes we will figure out ways to get family down here once in a while for visits. We Skype, we text, and we talk, but it cannot replace the physical presence of a daughter, son or grandchild, so we are taking RV life one day at a time!


2 thoughts on “Champagne Wishes & RV Dreaming – Winter

  1. Enjoyed your blog. Tried to access some of your previous posts relating to your RVing experiences, but the link to each one says the page no longer exists. Do your remove each post after a short time?

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