RV Living for the Holidays!

Living in an RV is a study in patience, but the rewards are many, in this champagne wishes and RV dreaming article its all about where home is for the Holidays. Most avid RV people head to warm weather states for the winter, whether it is for a few weeks or a few months, the transition can be daunting.

If one finds themselves not with family and friends for the first time through the winter months, and more importantly through the Holidays, then take a deep breath and find the beauty of the world around you. Keeping in touch is a given, be it Skype, texting or phone calls, but keeping that holiday cheer can be difficult if one is used to being with the family at this time of year.

rv lightsFirst and foremost, keep up the traditions that highlight the season, from roasting a turkey to hanging lights it is important to remember that the RV is now home. Admittedly this writer has far less of the seasonal decorations then ever before, but decorating in warm weather has taken a little of the sting out of the lack of space. 

palm tree lightsSecond, don’t be afraid to find a spot with the locals, look for a park, not a resort, one could well end up with more insight into what it means to decorate a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree. Locals can help guide you through the season with tips on where to go and what to do, which just may lead one to remote and beautiful places. 

windy palmsThird walk often, or ride a bike, make new traditions that will enrich the experience and possibly even create some new traditions. A person once told me that Florida living is like ground hog day, the same things, the same routines, day in and day out. This can be comforting to some and a nightmare to others, and that is why walking or riding and finding things to wonder at can make each day an adventure instead of just another groundhog day. 

full moon palm treesLastly, make sure whatever destination one might choose for the Holiday, is a place where happiness can be found even if it is not a place where fitting in is not the first thought, and often the fear of not being able to fit in at all. When starting out in an RV the world is there to explore, so take the time to do just that, and find that place where fitting in and happiness go hand in hand. That way champagne wishes and RV dreaming become a reality and no matter where one ends up, it really will be home for the Holidays. 

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