Champagne Wishes and RV Dreaming – Home for the Holidays


Christmas, that magical time of the year that brings families together, until it doesn’t. Not being home for Christmas can bring on many emotions, and the need to know how to cope is more important than ever.

So many people out there have advice for those that can’t be home for the holidays, many of those people have never experienced this distance themselves. It is important to not allow those that are away from home to become lonely and depressed, that is a dangerous combination at this time of the year.

For RV’rs who choose to travel, or just have to leave cold weather states for one reason or another, advice runs rampant among those that have been away from home in years past. Advice is subjective and should be given with a grain of salt, simply saying ‘make new traditions’ really isn’t all that helpful. Finding that balance between old and new seems to be the most effective way of coping with the holiday blues. Drawing on personal experience is what will be shared here in hopes of helping others to find the spirit of the holidays.

rv lights

Decorate as if home is where the lights are being hung. Decorating inside and out, especially in warm weather states, can give the brain that little nudge it needs to assimilate the palm trees with Christmas trees. Small spaces such as RV’s can be a challenge, however, many people believe that there can never be too much decorations at Christmas. Over decorating can do one of two things, one, it brings the holiday to you, and two, when the decorations come down that small space once again looks large.


Keeping in contact with family is a given, and can be done in many different ways. Phone calls, Skype, email, messangers, and even letters are effective ways of keeping in contact. During the holidays try to think outside the box and surprise those you love with simple yet heartfelt

contact. Send postcards, and send photo’s that are not posted on social media anywhere, a picture that is just for a loved one, and not a social media event is special indeed. Make ornaments that only the family will have, like miniature wreaths out of corks, and send a care package with those ornaments and request photo’s of them on their trees.

Not being with family is hard enough, and dwelling on it will drive a person crazy, so adding in new traditions with old ones can take the sting out of a holiday away from home. Meeting people and making friends who are also away from home can help, and creating a reason to celebrate with new friends can turn things from depressive to festive. Have an egg nog party, or a decorating party, be creative and not only will the blues be pushed back just a bit, but it is possible to touch others that may be going through some kind of loss this holiday season also.

Sources: Dilemas and Dreams of the RV Queens – Facebook | Photos – Kristi Cereska

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