Road Tripping – 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Journey!

Living in an RV or taking extended vacations is something that thousands of people do each year. Whether you have a need to explore or are simply trying to get away from inclement weather, there is much to be said for travelling the good old fashioned way, that we like to call Road Tripping.

Tip Number One: When travelling by car or RV there is much to discover, and the journey can be as rewarding as the destination. Some states have more to offer than others when traversing our nation’s highways, but even the littlest of things can make a road trip that much more fun. While travelling through Ohio, I decided to take a photo of every state’s welcome sign. One day it will make a great collage or can be transferred to magnets for a one of a kind display of one’s travels. 

look upTip Number Two: Don’t rush, take time to stop overnight in places that you may have never considered before. Find an out of the way town to spend the night, or stay on a plantation for the day. Finding different trees or people, or customs will take the boring out of a day of driving and can be rejuvenating for the next leg of the journey. The photo’s here are from a plantation in Georgia, which was breathtaking, and to add to the excitement of this wondrous place one only has to look up to see the world from a different angle. 

georgia plantation

Tip Number Three: Don’t drive for so long that when stopping it is only to sleep, as one will miss out on some of life’s greatest treasures. Get out and meet the neighbors, the locals, whomever may be near where your camping overnight. It may be surprising who you might meet. 


Tip Number Four: Leaving early in the morning can have its perks, watching the sun rise from the road can be magical. Not all roads lead to breathtaking views of a morning sunrise, but that one time a brilliant sky awakening for the day is seen, it is worth the early morning ride. 

Tip Number Five: Take lots of photo’s post them to social media, send them to family and friends, build a travel scrapbook. One day it can speak volumes to other generations about the beauty and majesty of this great land of ours. Starting a travel blog can also be as rewarding as joining travel groups, as it puts you in touch with like minded people. This is where one will find things that only experience will provide, and gaining insight into the wonders of road tripping will enhance the ride.


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