Life Hacks – Small Living Spaces Must Haves!

I did this article for RV’s however, small living spaces are quite trendy and these can apply to any place that more storage is needed.

Living life in an RV can be rewarding and challenging all at once, learning the tricks or so called hacks can make it so much easier, so here are the top five hacks that this writer has come up with. Use one or use them all, these hacks are designed for the home that goes on the road.

RV Hack Number One: Binder Clips, yes those little office helpers can be an RV’rs best friend. They can be used for putting lights up on ones outdoor canopy, holding curtains back and they can even be used to hold together cords. This cheap and easy tool can be put to multiple uses, and once they are in the RV, one will wonder how they ever went without them.

Hack - Locker shelves.jpgRV Hack Number Two: One of the most frustrating things in an RV is making sure that every inch of space can be used for storage. Under the sink, in the kitchen, and bathroom can be very frustrating. Most people know about the little shelves that one can put into a cupboard to add extra space for cups. They allow cups to be stored in two rows, one below one above. These nice little inventions are great, but far to small to use under a sink. Solution: Locker shelves give the height needed for under sink storage, and can double storage space. Its hard to see in the photo, left, as this writer has taken advantage of every single inch of space above and below. One was also put under the bathroom sink area and has made finding things so much more easier.

Hack - FanRV Hack Number Three: Over the door coat hooks can be used for more than just hanging coats. The RV featured here uses these genius pieces of equipement to hold a fan in the bedroom. Bedrooms can be large or small on an RV, choosing a larger living space will result in a smaller bedroom. Instead of taking up valuable space, this fan is hung on the door with over the door coat hooks. Using one of these coat hooks on the side of the shower door will allow one to grab the towel prior to stepping out dripping wet. Hats, umbrellas, and so much more, using the imagination will bring about so many uses and will become a staple inside the family RV.


RV Hack Number Four: Closing up and getting ready to roll brings the next hack to life. There is nothing worse than taking the covers off the sink and smelling that stinky sponge that sat there during the trip. A simple sponge holder as shown here can elevate it so that it will drain and dry out without the musty smell.

Hack - Sink Sponge

RV Hack Number Five: If an RV does not come with living room tables, this can be quite a challenge, as once again, space and the ability to move from place to place with minimal packing is key. These little folding tables may be just what is needed. Shown here in between two chairs gives adequate space to place drinks and remotes and simply folds up flat for easy storage for those travelling days.

Hack - RV Table

Small spaces are a growing trend these days, however the difference between a house and an RV is huge. Small space storage solutions don’t always work in a home that is made to go on the road. Shifting during transport is an issue, and can be quite daunting, however, with a little vision and a lot of imagination, solutions can be found. Happy Travels!

Sources: | The Cereskas RV | Photos | Kristi Cereska


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